About Us

We are Ben, Chris and Harry, three enterprising individuals that have grown up together in a small town outside of North London. Going to universities in Bristol and Portsmouth has made us very familiar with the rave culture and the unique experiences gained through connecting with others at parties and festivals. Having fallen in love with this lifestyle, we wanted to find a way that would enhance this connection with people, both visually and psychologically. This was when the idea for the creation of Frame of Mind was conceived.

Our vision of Frame of Mind can be condensed down into one word, ‘experience’. We use this store as a catalyst for meeting and conversing with people from all walks of life in addition to sharing a cool experience of an up and coming essential in the festival item list; dimensional glasses. We run an online website and follow the music scene around the UK to 

We are proud to boast that all of our Rave Specs are manufactured made in house, one of our first goals is to expand the number of styles that we offer to give people a bit of variety from the original HAKKEN frame. This mission is already underway, it's safe to say that you won't find these styles anywhere else!

We’ve found dimensional glasses to be quite a niche market within the UK, however, times are changing and every time we attend a music event, we see the love for dimension glasses grow. Every interaction we’ve had sharing the trippy experience of these glasses has been unique in its own right. We wish to take this opportunity to thank you, the customers, for helping us be able to pursue our passion of experiencing the world and sharing memorable moments with you all!