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What are Rave Specs?

Rave Specs are the new essential visual accessory designed to enhance raves, concerts, festivals and firework shows.

'Diffraction' is the more common technical term used for these glasses, however, we think that name is too boring to keep repeating, so we call them 'Rave' Glasses! 

Rave Specs help the wearer feel further connected with the event by enhancing the light shows. The person wearing the glasses finds themselves lost in reality as they are surrounded by beautiful lights. Because of this, our glasses have been rapidly gaining popularity in the live music scene. They are still unheard of by some, but not for long.

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How do Rave Specs work?

At first glance, our glasses look like a normal pair of sharp sunglasses. However, look a little closer and you will notice that these glasses are equipped with special laser etched lenses/film which allows the light to diffract into stunning visual effects.


'Diffraction' is defined as the process by which a beam of light is spread out as a result of passing through a narrow aperture. In other words, it's like the Pink Floyd album cover for The Dark Side of the Moon! This is the main principle behind what gives our Rave Specs their visual sensation. A white light will show the widest array of colours, whereas looking at a blue light, for example, will show its component colours.


What precautions should I take?

Rave & Kaleido Specs can give off extremely strong visuals. It is recommended that the wearer DOES NOT:

  • Wear if they have any neurological disorder such as epilepsy.

  • Wear Rave Specs while driving.

  • Wear Rave Specs when operating machinery.

  • Run while wearing Rave Specs.

  • Look directly at the sun or directly into lasers.

The experience is fun and we aim to keep it this way. We want to ensure users get the optimum effects whilst using the product appropriately to avoid any damage to the eyes or self!

We advise taking extra precaution if the customer has a history of epilepsy or other light triggering conditions.


What is your privacy policy?

Frame of Mind understands the importance of your privacy. We're devoted to protecting this on our website. We will not disclose any information about our customers to third parties except where it is required in order to provide a service to you - e.g arranging to send products to you.

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Are all of your products UV Protected?

Yes, all of our sunglasses are 100% UV400 Protected and are tested by our manufacturer before dispatch. Thus, our sunglasses offer the same UV protection as any designer brand.

Our classification is further divided into 3 categories; most of our glasses are category 3 which can be used in situations with strong sunlight.


We also have sunglasses that are category 2, these are the lighter coloured lenses which are unable to be produced as category 3. Although category 2 is not as strong as category 3, the sunglasses still offer significant UV protection.

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Are all of your products UV Protected?

No, most of our Rave Specs and all of our kaleidoscope range do not offer UV protection. However, all of our sunglasses do. To see which Rave Specs offer UV protection, please view their product description. The Rave Specs that do offer protection are 100% UV400 protected and are also split into the 3 categories of strength.


What effort do you make in being a sustainable company?

As current Bristolians, we are fully aware of the implications of climate change and make a conscious effort to do our part to ensure a future for our planet. We concentrate our efforts on plastic pollution and the sourcing of materials of our products.


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