Astro Kaleido - Peace

Astro Kaleido - Peace


Real Glass Crystals. Handcrafted.


Microfibre Case Included.


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Returns available.


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  • Details

    Lens Type Astro
    Colour Frame Black
    Height 5cm
    Width 14cm
    Length of Temple 14cm
    Intensity Medium
  • Description

    Travel beyond the stars with Astro Kaleidos, these will take you on a journey unmatched by any other pair that we offer. What makes them so powerful? Each glass crystal lens has nearly 100 sides cut out into it, all in perfect symmetry. For comparison, our other Kaleidos contain around 30 sides a lens! It's safe to say these are glasses to cop if you are here for a wild experience. 

    Our Peace specs are the first style within our PLUR range. PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity & Respect, a common followed philosophy by the rave community. Whenever you go to an event, it's always there in essence.

    Peace is the avoidance of negative emotions and conflict. Aren't we all at events to make unforgettable memories with those closest to us? We've witnessed nothing but Peace since we arrived on the festival scene, we hope it continues to stay that way. Peace specs are by far our best looking pair of Kaleidos. See differently, look unique.