Astro Kaleido - Unity

Astro Kaleido - Unity


Real Glass Crystals. Handcrafted.


Microfibre Case Included.


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  • Details

    Lens Type Astro
    Colour Frame Unity
    Height 5cm
    Width 14cm
    Length of Temple 13.9cm
    Intensity High
  • Description

    Travel beyond the stars with Astro Kaleidos, these will take you on a journey unmatched by any other pair that we offer. What makes them so powerful? Each glass crystal lens has nearly 100 sides cut out into it, all in perfect symmetry. For comparison, our other Kaleidos contain around 30 sides a lens! It's safe to say these are glasses to cop if you are here for a wild experience. 

    Our Astro Kaleido lenses are fitted into our Unity frames. This pattern was inspired by The Zulu tribe from South Africa, the women of their community dress in similar vibrant geometric patterns. 'Ubuntu' is a famous phrase that originated from the Zulu. Ubuntu is the philosophy of unity and togetherness. This something that is felt throughout most events in the world. We couldn't think of a more fitting elegant style to represent 'Unity' in our PLUR range.