HAKKEN Kaleido - White

HAKKEN Kaleido - White


Real Glass Crystals. Handcrafted.


Microfibre Case Included.


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Returns available.


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  • Details

    Lens Type Lucid
    Colour Frame White
    Height 5cm
    Width 14.8cm
    Length of Temple 15.8cm
    Intensity Medium
  • Description

    A classic style with a new twist. Our HAKKEN glasses are amongst our most popular styles. HAKKEN specs can go with most outfits; if you are unsure of what style to get then this is the safe bet.


    HAKKEN is a form of rave dance originating from the '90s. It is a style of shuffling that is still performed at raves and festivals, especially by the hardstyle lovers of Western Europe.  We found this timeless dance a fitting name to go with an immortal style of shades.


    Our HAKKEN frames are fitted with Lucid lenses, these will allow you to view the true beauty that the earth possesses. Your whole world will feel like a dream as your perception enters the next level of consciousness. We'll see you on the other side.