HAKKEN Rave Specs - Black

HAKKEN Rave Specs - Black




Genuine Frame of Mind UK product.


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  • Details

    Lens Type Acid
    Lens Colour Black Tint
    Colour Frame Black
    Height 5cm
    Width 14.3cm
    Length of Temple 14.3cm
    Intensity Low
  • Description

    A classic style with a new twist. Our HAKKEN glasses are amongst the most popular styles. HAKKEN specs can go with all outfits; if you are unsure of what style to get then these are the best bet. 

    Our HAKKEN frames are fitted with Acid lenses that will enter you into a psychedelic paradise. They separate light into the vibrant rainbow spectrum which makes any light show a visual masterpiece. Wear them during fireworks displays, light shows, festivals or even if you're just walking down the street at night, these specs are guaranteed to make any scene that extra bit more beautiful. The best part about our Rave Specs? They're disguised under a pair of stylish shades so your trip can stay a private experience😎.

    We owe a lot to our Rave Specs because this is where it all started for us, supplying the scene with these has allowed us to live our wildest dreams. We owe this all to you! We thank you for your undying support, we look forward to continuing to supply the world with different styles of this legal high!