Kaleido Goggles - Steampunk

Kaleido Goggles - Steampunk


Real Glass Crystals. Handcrafted.


Microfibre Case Included.


To see videos of the effects please check our Instagram: @FrameofMindUK


Returns available.


Please read our Terms of Service before wearing our glasses.

  • Details

    Lens Type Immersion
    Colour Frame Brass
    Height 7cm
    Width 18cm (Adjustable)
    Intensity High


  • Description

    Kaleidoscope Goggles offer an unparalleled level of immersion into an alternate view of reality. Your full eyes will witness the world that we at Frame of Mind have become so familiar with. The spiked variations provide a steampunk edge that singles out a festi outfit above the rest.